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#CoinCreate – Is it possible for exchanges to create coins and volume from nothing?

#CoinCreate –  Is it possible for Crypto Currency exchanges to create coins and trading volume from nothing? Crypto currency exchanges are starting to trade enormous daily volumes on their crypto currency exchanges. All the transactions occur ‘off chain’, so they are not recorded on any blockchain or publicly accountable database. Exchanges take deposits in crypto currency […]

BlockChain Capital ICO

BlockChain Capital completes 10 million USD ICO. A more traditional style Venture Capital fund has been launched by Blockchain Capital and has raised over the 10 million USD maximum in its first day and will invest all of this in anything but traditional ventures. In what BlockChain Capital itself dubs a world first they have launched the First […]

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance – Big Name Corporations Show Surprising Interest in Ethereum What is the appeal of Ethereum to certain big name corporations? The answer may lie in the recent question marks posed over Bitcoin’s scalability and the inability of the Bitcoin community to agree on a way forward. During weakness, people seek strength. Financial […]

STEEMIT – The Business Case – Part Two: Gap in the Market

Social Media, Content and the Blockchain    Developers continue to experiment with content, monetisation models and social media. With the invention of Bitcoin and the blockchain, technologists now have a new tool in their arsenal. This tool offers the potential for novel and exciting ways to provide these services. The leading platform for internet content […]