5 apps that are running on Ethereum that you may not know… yet!

5 apps that are running on Ethereum that you may not know… yet!

Here we present a list of apps developed on Ethereum that you need to check out!

1. Trek Miles : This Android app helps you to raise money while doing physical activities, as walking, running, etc., creating tokens based in your effort. These tokens that can be bought by others and donated to charity!

2. Pray4Prey: Game where you buy a fish and “pray” to it survives a shark attack. Each attack that your fish survives, it earns a percentage of the money from the dead fishes. Running on a smart contract.

3. Ethlance: Job market (similar to Upwork), where Freelancers and Employers interact without a central organization (that means no fees). All payments are made in ether, and all data is stored in Ethereum blockchain.

4. Plutus: An app that allow its users to spend ETH and BTC at any NFC-enabled merchant. It has a peer-to-peer exchange running on Ethereum network, used to fund the virtual balance in the payment app.

5. Gnosis : A mix of prediction market and game apps, this project is now in pre crowdfunding phase (token sale starts at 04/24). It has some heavyweight names supporting it, as Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin (two of Ethereum creators).