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What is ?

/ is part of the MakerDAO system and is the official…

How does MakerDAO work?

The borrower sends his crypto currency to a smart contract and…

What is MakerDAO?

Maker is an Ethereum based lending platform responsible for…

Is Litecoin significantly overvalued ?

Price  In the middle of 2018 the Litecoin price sits…

Is Basic Attention Token the online advertising disruptor?

Please Read Important Investing Disclaimer  Please also see…

Is CIVIC (CVC) the answer to Internet Identification ?

CIVIC  Must read disclaimer : Click Here Executive Summary CIVIC…

Is BlockV (VEE) the 'App Store' moment for Blockchain ?

Please Read Important Disclaimer  BlockV - What is it? BlockV…
Blockchain Capital ICO

BlockChain Capital ICO

BlockChain Capital completes 10 million USD ICO. A more traditional…

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance - Big Name Corporations Show Surprising…

5 apps that are running on Ethereum that you may not know... yet!

5 apps that are running on Ethereum that you may not know...…